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Promotion and Coupon Services

The Promotion & Coupon Services are read only resources that return information about promotions and coupons. Promotion Services include:

Methods Available

Method Name Description
Promotions V2
The Promotions API call allows the users to get active promotions.
Promotions and Coupon V3 This service allows to retrieve promotions, coupons, or both using one call.
Promotions Share V3 The Promotions Share API allows users to us a POST call to send automated emails to recipient(s) about Bloomingdale's Promotions or Coupons.
Promotions Sorted V3 The Promotions API call allows the users to get Deals and Promotion data set grouped and sorted by FOB to match data rendered on website.
Coupon Services V3 The coupon API call allows users to get all active coupons that can be used in-store.

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