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This service enables users to search for their loyalty account using their last name, phone number, zip code or loyalty ID number.

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HTTP Method and Request URL



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HTTP, Path and Query Parameters

HTTP Header Parameters

Parameter Description Mandatory Sample Value
x-macys-webservice-client-id Pass the apikey as a header value which is called x-macys-webservice-client-id. The api key is the 24 character alphanumeric string assigned to your application when you registered it. 
Click here for a list of your API keys.
Yes xmj9js4jkdpe1983fmwu98gh
x-macys-clientId:  The Client_ID you were assigned, if this applies.  No client_id
Accept Specifies the output format. Can be application/json or application/xml. Yes application/json

Request Body Parameters
Parameter Description Mandatory Sample Value
phoneNumber This is the users phone number.  Yes 
lastName This is the users last name.
 Yes, in unison with phone and postalCd. Bennett
postalCd This users zipcode.  Yes, in unison with lastName and phone. 94107

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Sample Requests and Responses

Request URL:



Sample Header:

x-macys-webservice-client-id: xmj9js4jkdpe1983fmwu98gh
x-macys-clientId: client_id
Accept: application/json


Request Body(Payload)

Sample 1

    "loyalty": {
        "phoneNumber": "800-289-6229",
        "lastName": "Doe",
        "postalCd": "94107"


Sample Response

  "loyalty": {
    "id": "L910010712345",
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Doe",
    "addressLine1": "685 Folsom St",
    "addressLine2": "18th Floor",
    "city": "San Francisco",
    "stateCd": "CA",
    "postalCd": "94107",
    "phone": "800-289-6229",
    "email": "testuser@macys.com",
    "dayOfBirth": "16",
    "monthOfBirth": "09",
    "program": {
      "programCode": "LTYBLM001",
      "offerOnlyFlag": "false",
      "tierName": "LOYALLIST",
      "rewardCurrency": "POINT",
      "rewardThresholdForAward": "5000.0",
      "awardValue": "25.0"
    "link": {
      "-href": "http://{baseuri}/api/loyalty/v1/loyalties/{id}/points"
    "accountStatus": {
      "valid": "true",
      "active": "true"


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Error Codes

Call Specific Error Codes:


General Error Handling Documentation:

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