The Catalog Category Services are resources that return Bloomingdale's Category and Product information.  Catalog Category Services include:

Methods Available

Method Name Description
Category Index V3 This API provides an option to obtain all the categoryIDs in a hierarchical structure by making a call with the ‘index’ parameter.
Category Indev V4 This service provides a list of all the active categories (or whichever categories are specified) in a hierarchical tree that can be navigated in either direction.
Category Browse V3 The Category Browse service can retrieve information on the hierarchy of product categories as on In addition to the hierarchy details such as category description, Product IDs within the category & facets that can appear for those products can be retrieved.The API enables users to obtain category details by specifying a category ID
Category Brand Index V4 This API allows users to specify Category(s) and retrieve the complete list of Brands for that Category(s).  This is called the Brand Index.
Category Product Browse V3 Within the Category Product Browse service allosw users to browse the products in a specific category.

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